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Leather trims for apparel , fringes on shoes closures on handbags, leather accents made by Veteran Leather are a class apart.

We offer a complete line of continuous leather and synthetic stripping, which are perfectly suited to the apparel, handbag and jewelry industries. Most of our leather stripping products are manufactured to order. They are available in a wide range of sizes and stock colors. Most of these items can be made in a wide range of materials including: smooth cowhide, nubuc cowhide, pig suede, cow suede, smooth lambskin, lamb suede and various types of synthetic leathers and synthetic suede.

Our large inventory enables us to fill orders small and large without requirement of minimum orders and problems with replenishments.

A call to our Customer Service Department will allow us to assist you in selecting the proper material and stripping for your product.

Leather Stripping        Leather Product Listings

The chart on the left illustrates the most common types of stripping that we produce.

A: Raw Edge
B: Single Narrow Fold
C: Double Narrow Fold
D: Single Full Fold (or Book Fold)
E: Double Fold Center Seam
F: Triple Full Fold
G: Quad Full Fold

All of the items above are available both with and without stitching.


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